TOP Cleaners & Tailors ‚Äč

Top Cleaners & Tailors is family owned and operated multi-facility Rhode Island Based business that has been in the industry for generations. Our family & staff are trained to complete any and all garment & fabric related tasks in a professional, timely and satisfactory manner. Our team Logan, Isaiah, Louie our presser and Paul and Stacey will work our hardest to make sure you are satisfied.

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We make sure to guarantee our quality from the moment you drop your garment off the transaction is recorded by our computers and handled by Isaiah or Logan , cloud monitored, cameras and tagging system to ensure that your order is followed and accounted for. Then from there the order goes directly into our bagging zone and sent to our family owned plant in Uxbridge Massachusetts where it is processed a second time using our cloud / internet based purchase and sales system. From there your order goes into our plants transportation cards and they are assigned a cart # where they are checked and sorted to go to their destination (leather-working, dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundering, cobbling/ shoe repair etc). From there your garment is cleaned, hung up for drying in a well ventilate room & then checked for any damaged buttons so that we can replace them. Then from there your order goes back to our Store at Top Cleaners located at 400 Putnam pike.